Zion Builders affiliate links

Here’s the Amazon link: http://bit.ly/BuildingZion
And the eBay link: http://bit.ly/ZBCeBay

How to use the links:

Just click the link, (bookmark it if you haven’t) and it takes you to Amazon (or eBay), and you browse and buy as usual.

You can also create short-cut buttons on your smartphone using the same links.

The co-op gets a commission on everything you buy.  So, actually, by buying through our links you are redirecting some of the profits to the co-op whose founders are dedicated to building Zion.

In More Detail:

When someone clicks on our affiliate links, and makes a purchase, the Zion Builders Co-op receives a commission on the sale. It doesn’t increase the price at all to you, the buyer.  It’s just a portion of the profits go to the Co-op instead of to Amazon’s owners.
So, more specifically, you can bookmark this page in your Internet browser, whether that browser is Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.
Then, when you want to purchase something on Amazon or eBay, you just click on the saved link in your browser’s bookmarks and shop as usual.
If you are unfamiliar with “bookmarking”, here are some relevant YouTube videos showing how:
For the Chrome web browser:
For the Safari web browser:
For smartphones: