Co-op Shop

Support the growth of the Zion Builders Co-op by purchasing your Amazon products from these popular categories:

Amazon pays the co-op a sales commission each time you purchase something through this site. Our plan is to use the funds for:

    • Legally incorporating as a co-op in Utah.
    • Set up a bank account for the co-op
    • Setting up people in worker-owned co-ops where they produce products for sale here.
    • Promoting the co-op to sell the member-produced products.
    • Eventually hiring a bookkeeper

And we’ll then grow and expand the co-op, just like Lorenzo Snow did, until thousands of Latter-Day Saints will be preparing to live in a Zion society by participating in the “stepping stone to the United Order” as President John Taylor called it. Imagine!

Buying from Amazon through our Co-op Shop doesn’t add anything to the price of the products you purchase.  The commission comes to us instead of going to build Amazon’s owner a bigger house!

Be sure to bookmark this page as we are adding new products for the co-op all the time!